My name is Francisco Javier Pérez, and I am a multi-talented musician and composer based in Santiago, Chile. I have been making music since I was 12 years old and have dedicated my life to pursuing my passion for music.

I graduated from the Modern School of Music with honors, and my skills as a multi-instrumentalist have allowed me to work with various well-known brands, such as Mercedes-Benz Chile and Porsche Carrera Cup. I have also had the privilege of composing music for several video games, including “Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator,” “Bionicle: Masks of Power,” and “Bionic Bay.” Additionally, I have had the honor of creating music for award-winning short films such as “The Phantom Touch,” which was selected for the Clermont-Ferrand Shortfilm Festival and won the FIDOCS Festival in Chile, as well as the music and sound design for “El Festín de las Bestias,” which recently got selected into the Annecy film festival.

I’ve also worked on different releases like Judicator’s “The Majesty of Decay” where I made orchestral arrangements, recorded keyboards and backing vocals, and my first solo album “Out of The Box”, released on December last year.

Other works by me